EXPANDING FOAM 750ML - B3 (Hand Held)
Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
012001 5060279870006 750ml 12 65

UK Planet® Hand Held Expanding Foam 750ml - One Component polyurethane foam is designet for mounting and sealing applications. It hardens under the air moisture effect. It shows a perfect adhesion into typical construction materials like: brick, concrete, plaster, wood, glass, metal, foamed polystyrene, hard PVC and rigid PUR foams. It has no adhesion into polyethylene, silicone and teflon. Uk Planet® polyurethane foam characterized an excellent heat-insulation, sound absorbance and high ageing resistance. Foam is additionaly mould growth and fungal attack resistant. Protection gloves are included in the cap.

  • Doorframes and windows mounting.
  • Heat insulation of water systems, sewage systems and central heating systems.
  • Fixing and insulating of wall panel, division walls, driver's cabs and boats.
  • Connecting of wooden prefabricated elements in frame constructions.
  • Heat insulation of roofs and floors.
  • Filling of gaps in the building heat insulation.