Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
032004 5060279870198 310ml 12 120

UK Planet® Hybrid Adhesive & Sealant HT-1, 310ml (Clear) - High quality ecological product for bonding and sealing of building materials inside and outside the premises. It can be used for structural bonding to structures with constant vibration. Has excellent adhesion to most common building substrates (including wet). Very good resistance to weathering: solar radiation, temperature and humidity. Paintable. The product does not contain solvents or isocyanates. Non-corrosive metal and galvanized surfaces (eg amalgam mirrors). Generates extremely stable over the years, it is extremely durable, dimensionally stable, resistant to vibration seam. Temperature resistance after curing: from -40 ° C to +110 ° C.

  • Metals (Including lead)
  • Mirrors
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • All Plastics
  • Polystyrene
  • Stone
  • FibreGlass
  • Marine and Boating maintenance
  • Indoor and Outdoor