Acetoxy Silicone for Aquariums AQUA-505

Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
022021 5060279870426 310ml 12 120

Acetoxy Silicone for Aquariums AQUA-505 is specially product, dedicated for sealing and mounting of aquariums and terrariums safe for animals including fish, amphibians and reptiles. It has excellent adhesion to glass and other non--porous materials.

  • construction of aquaria
  • sealing and all repairs of aquariums and terrariums
  • sealing between glass and alumum
  • bonding of windows displays and shop boards
  • strong seal
  • very good mechanical strenght
  • suitable for contact with water
  • safe for animals including fish, amphibians and reptiles
  • permanent colors
  • very easy application

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