Synthetic Rubber Sealant HT-2

Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
032006   310ml 12 120

Synthetic Rubber Sealant HT-2 is a universal sealant for general use. Creates plasto-elastic flexible joint, which is characterized by high resistance to aging. A unique advantage is its excellent adhesion to most substrates, both porous and non-porous as e.g. concrete, plaster, metal or variable plastics. Unlike other sealants can be applied to smooth wet surfaces, so is ideal also for roofs or boat repairs. In contrast to silicone sealant, or acrylic can be used on the surface of the bitumen. Does not require primer. After curing sealant is paintable.

  • sealing of skylights collars, chimneys and other roofing treatments
  • sealing of connections of corrugated and trapezoidal plate
  • bonding roofing foil, membranes and roof tar
  • pointing movable joints up to 10 %
  • rapid repair of leaks in roofs and gutters
  • excellent resistance to mold and fungus
  • paintability
  • very good adhesion
  • compatibility with bituminous materials
  • application on wet surfaces

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