Construction Adhesive HT-878

Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
032005 5060279871072 310ml 12 120

Construction adhesive HT-878 is a one-part, homogenous paste adhesive based on synthetic rubber in organic solvents recommended for bonding of commonly used building materials during nishing and renovating works. For bonding of wide range of building materials to most typical surfaces.
  • bonding of slats, plinths, doorsteps, panels, ceramic tiles
  • bonding of decorative elements made of wood, gypsum, cork, chipboard, metal, stones, foamed polystyrene
  • bonding of mineral and glass wool
  • clamping of carpets and PVC floor coverings
  • fast and durable initial tack
  • easy application
  • flexible joint
  • high final strenght
  • excellent tack
  • moisture resistant

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