Neutral Oxim Silicone OX-700, white

Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
022010 5060279871089 310ml 12 120

UK Planet OX-700 is one part neutral silicone which cures on exposure to moisture vapour to form a very elastic silicone rubber. neutral silicone has excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces such as: glass, glaze, ceramics, aluminum, granite, concrete, cement and other inorganic surfaces and many other common construction substrates. Contains additives to prevent the emergence and development of the majority of molds, fungi, plants and so on. Withstand large temperature difference, ultraviolet light, while its physical properties remain unchanged for several years.

  • Perimeter pointing internally and externally around PVCu /wood and all other window frames.
  • Sealing and as an adhesive onto PVCu, plastic trims and components.
  • Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.
  • Weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels.
  • Sealing soft metals such as lead, copper and zinc.
  • General glazing sealing and draughtproofing, including repair work over existing sealant.
  • Glass to glass and glass to aluminium sealing.
  • Parapet and roof weather sealing applications.sealing of chimneys and gutters.

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