Mortar Bed Adhesive, 750 ml (Gun Grade)
Product Code Barcode Pack Size Qty/Box Boxes/Pallet
012802 5060279870693 750ml 12 65

UK PLANET Thin Bed Mortar Adhesive Gun Foam is designed for raising walls with thin joints, made of high-accuracy materials (flatness/height deviation not larger than 3mm per running meter). The joined elements are calibrated blocks made of autoclaved aerated concrete and grinded ceramic blocks used construction of ground outer plastered walls and inner walls. The PU mortar is dedicated both for load-bearing walls and partition walls.


  • For building of single family house or multi-family housing: construction and partition walls build with cellular concrete blocks or polished ceramic blocks.
  • Glue for aerated concrete and ceramic blocks with extremely accurate geometrical dimensions, deviation from the norm of +/- 3mm over a meter.
Benefits / Features
  • speeds up bricklaying work
  • eliminates thermal bridges
  • easy and convenient use
  • total cost reduction
  • 1 can of UK PLANET Thin Bed Mortar Adhesive Gun Foam = approx. 50 kg of traditional mortar.
Aerated Concrete Blocks /
Calibrated Ceramic Bricks
Number of lines
<150[mm] 1
>150[mm] 2

Number of lines Horizontal  seams Horizontal and vertical seams
1 10-12 [m2] 8-9[m2]
2 5-6[m2] 3-4[m2]

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